5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

5 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Western Art – Exoticism – The Ethnic Artistic Turns

Exoticism is a genre in art and designing, including architecture, which derives its inspiration from the art styles of some ethnic sects and native races. Certain vestiges prove that this concept dates back to 17th century or earlier, in the European region. Since, ancient times, various travelers from Europe went out to explore the other parts of the world.

Western Art – Dusseldorf School of Painting – Where Art is a Tradition

In 1762, Lambert Krahe started the Dusseldorf School of Painting, Germany, today better known as the Dusseldorf State Art Academy, as a drawing school. In 1773, Elector Palatine Carl Theodore (1742-77) renamed it as the Electoral College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1819, the Prussian Government named the school as the Royal Arts Academy of Düsseldorf. German painter Peter von Cornelius (1784-1867) was the first director of the Düsseldorf School.

Western Art – Impossible Object – An Optical Illusion

Impossible Object, also known as an ‘Impossible Figure’ or an ‘Undecidable Figure,’ is a two-dimensional drawing that creates an illusion of an ‘actually non-existent’ three-dimensional figure. While in most cases, the impossibility becomes apparent on viewing the figure for a few seconds, However, the geometry of complex Impossible Objects has to be carefully examined to realize their illusionary effect. The concept holds special relevance in the fields of psychology, mathematics, and art.

Western Art – Cornsweet Illusion – An Exponent of Optical Illusion

The Concept In Cornsweet Illusion, a small color effect is given, which imparts a contrasting illusionary effect to the large area associated with it. The effect is called illusionary, because in reality the area is not affected. For example, a colored square is divided into two sections with the help of a perpendicular, horizontal, or diagonal demarcation of very light color. When viewed, one section will appear darker in comparison to the other one.

Western Art – American Modernism – The New Age Creative Style Fundamental

Modernism – The Concept Modernism is the term given to a large range of experimental and avant-garde trends in arts during 1860s-1970s. All through this period, the artists revolted against the traditional historicism and started creating individual, unique techniques. American Modernism in particular can be dated back to 1910. The first phase lasted until 1935.

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