$40 Easy DIY Wall Clock

$40 Easy DIY Wall Clock

Tips on Designing Artwork For Full Color Printing For Graphic Designers

Learn about how to properly prepare artwork for full color printing when designing artwork for yourself or a client. The secrets of full color artwork design.

The Surrealist Works of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a pioneer in advancing the Surrealist Movement through his painted works. Dali tapped into his own subconscious to create works of rare and unusual beauty. His works are still thought-provoking today and provide not only a window into the artist’s subconscious, but an opportunity to evaluate our own existence outside the plane of accepted existence.

Western Painting – Pin Striping – Stripes Teased!

Pin Striping – The Concept Pin Striping is a Decorative Art, generally employed for styling custom-made automobiles such as motorbikes, and other vehicles. However, sometimes, the fines lines in textile prints are also termed alike. Pin Striping, a wing of Western Painting, is a work of experts, who use very thin, almost pen-like brush for creating their designs. Pin Striping brush is made from wood, brass fixture, and squirrel hair bristles. The handle of the brush is cylindrical in shape to provide the ease of use and a smooth rotation of the tool, for perfect design. The bristles are given a sword-like shape for sleek pattern and they are used for Freehand Pin Striping, which is the toughest method of designing.

A Guide to Types of Printing Papers

There are many types of printing papers in the market these days. The common thing about them is that almost anything can be printed on them, while the difference that exists is that they might be used for different types of printing or else as per the requirements of the market or the client.

Western Painting – Orphism – Abstract Art at Its Best

Orphism – The History The word ‘Orphism’ belongs to the ancient Greek Mythology, referencing the poet and musician Orpheus. Poet Guillaume Apollinaire tossed this term ‘Orphism’ in 1912 to eulogize the works of painter Robert Delaunay (1885-1941). Robert Delaunay was a Cubism inspired painter, whose colorful works were also called Orphic Cubism. Delaunay started a new genre of painting, wanting it to appeal to the human senses. The style was a pattern of overlapping contrast colors. The sole idea of Orphism was to submerge the concept of music with colors.

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