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Oil Painting Tips – How to Paint Leaves

Painting leaves is one of the most important part in any floral or nature painting. Looking at leaves closely one gets to understand the structure and textures in leaves which would other wise go unnoticeable. When you think of painting leaves remember they are not just outlines in green. Begin with close observations on different types of leaves and then begin painting leaves. Here are a few oil painting tips for beginners to get the perfect leaf.

How to Draw Cars Like A Pro

Cars really are a form of art. If you love cars and also have a passion for art, then it’s only natural that you want to learn how to draw cars like a pro. Here are some tips to get you started.

7 Principles Life, Business and Art Have Taught Me (So Far)

We hopefully learn and grow in our journey as people and artists. By taking a larger perspective we can learn to make these life/business principles work to our advantage and become better, deeper and more accomplished artists. Getting older is not all its cracked up to be, however, one thing it DOES is give you is a certain perspective. And as I am just passing my 48th birthday recently I will try to give you *some* things I feel certain of.

Know All Facts About the Great Art Clokey

Art Clokey gained his popularity from the famous film Gumbasia which he produced in association with his wife Ruth. This movie had a special clay character called “Gumby” who got the centre stage not only in the short film but in the hearts of the viewers too.

Getting Hung – How to Get Your Artwork Shown

Making art is not a business. But making a living from your art depends upon the business of showing it to sell it. The options for getting your work shown fall into four main categories.

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