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The Cloisters, San Lorenzo Fuori Le Mura by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckerberg

The outstanding work in perspective does not lack in anything with regards to detail. The powerful rays of light that beam to the floor of the cloister take hold of you the moment that you stand before it.

Pond In The Woods by Narcisse Virgile Diaz De La Pena

This lovely painting by Narcisse Virgile Diaz De La Pena is a feast for the eyes. The painting is rich in detail and executed masterfully.

House of MeRe Bazot by Charles Francois Daubigny

This tranquil sunset painting by Charles Francois Daubigny is a lovely Barbizon painting. Daubigny’s greatest strength are is sky’s and that is well demonstrated here in the fine painting.

Souvenir of the Environs of Lake Nemi by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

The success of the wonderful painting by Corot is the use of light. The contrast of light and dark for this sunset painting is the value of the work.

Arleux-Palluel, The Bridge of Trysts by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

If you like quality then you will like Arleux-Palluel by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. This wonderful Barbizon painting is beautifully detailed and filled with imagery.

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