The Tangram – Seven Boards of Cunning

The Tangram is a Chinese puzzle over a millennium old. It resembles the Western jigsaw puzzle, but differs from the same in always having seven pieces, which are fitted together in different ways to make an almost infinite number of different shapes. Each puzzle-game begins by posing or selecting a challenge–an outline or silhouette of a figure which is supposed to be the “solution” of the game. Make your solution by arranging the pieces of the tangram-set to attain a match with the given figure.

What Do You Need to Do to Draw a Picture of a Car?

When you make the decision that you are going to draw a picture of a car you need to think about the layout. How will your car be displayed, will it be a side view or a view of it from an angle? These questions need to be addressed before you put pencil to paper.

A Few Basic Steps to Help You Get Started With Oil Painting

Most people who are artistic in nature at some point in time have probably thought about using oil painting to express their talents and create beautiful paintings. Fortunately, learning how to do create these paintings is very possible by taking several basic steps. Doing so is really just a matter of becoming proficient with certain oil painting techniques.

Alfred Stevens – The English Master of Wellington Sculpturing Fame

Born on January 28, 1818, British sculptor Alfred Stevens was a master in marble, bronze, porcelain, and silver media. He hailed from a humble family. His father was a house painter based in Dorset, Southwest England. During his childhood, Alfred helped his father in his occupation.

Choosing the Right Calligraphy Pen Set

Choosing a calligraphy pen set may seem easy and simple but one should bear in mind that this is the main equipment which brings out the beauty in the writing. Hence the pen set will make a lot of difference and it depends on the individual’s choice. If you have the right pen set you can make your hobby a fruitful business as well.

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