3D Peacock with Cricut

3D Peacock with Cricut

Jobs And Careers in Graphic Design

With a degree in graphic design under your belt, you will discover that a number of interesting and desirable careers become available to you. Professionals in this field are now in high demand, as the digital age has only increased the value that is given to imagery of all kinds. If you are not sure about which profile would best suit your aspirations, take a moment to consider the following examples.

A Day at the Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is one of the top 5 contemporary art museums in the USA. Although perhaps not a familiar name to many of us, it ranks alongside the more famous names of the Guggenheim and MOMA in New York, MOMA in San Fransisco and the Hirshhorn in Washington D.C.

Pencil Sketchings – A Great Hobby That Anyone Can Do

Have you ever been to the board walk or county fair and watched someone drawing pencil portraits? Isn’t it fascinating watching them? Don’t you wish you could do the same thing. Now you can!

Artist Collaboration: Ross Bleckner for Steuben Create Crystal Packed With Emotion

Ross Bleckner’s artist pieces evoke a heightened sense of fragility and timelessness. The Steuben artist collaboration presents his unique vision which seamlessly marries the worlds of crystal and art.

AE Templates – Blockbuster Capable

The international film and movie industry is delivering increasingly more innovative and fantasy based special effects’ that create the wow factor in films and draw the crowds in by the millions. The use of motion graphics has become a mainstay in the modern film industry, with many of the largest blockbusters utilising the technology. In fact, it has now become a standard whereby films are assessed. The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland and Avatar; but to mention a few; are using video and animation technology to create visually amazing backgrounds, characters, series of action and the level of excitement demanded from the modern consumer desiring entertainment at its highest levels. With the box office numbers being closely watched for the key measure to evaluate the success or failure of a movie, the story has now become a little repetitive. The next big blockbuster is the one that utilises motion graphic technology the best to create awe inspiring and epic productions.

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