3D Christmas Tree with Cricut

3D Christmas Tree with Cricut

Western Painting – Russian Futurism – Russia’s Artistic Prelude to Science and Technology

The Concept Russian Futurism was an artistic movement in the fields of literature and Visual Arts that hit Russia in the early 20th century. Russian Futurism took its cues from the famous manifesto published by an Italian poet Fillip Marinetti (1876-1944) on the front page of the February 20, 1909, issue of the French daily newspaper Le Figaro. Inspired by this manifesto, a group of Russian poets and artists formally adopted the ideology of Marinetti’s manifesto in December 1912, under the leadership of Ukrainian artist David Burlyuk (1882-1967).

Tips With Negative Space

Learn how to improve your drawings by using negative space. This will make your work more accurate.

Tips For Drawing Portraits

Here are some tips for drawing portraits. The secret to success in how you start the portrait.

How to Draw People Easily – Like Professionals

Let us accept it. Drawing human beings is not like drawing trees. It’s actually a lot more difficult because our eyes and our brain know the human body very intimately. So if you want to draw people you have to be ready to do some hard work.

A Little History About Pastels

A lot of artists painting with pastels really know very little history about pastels at all. The fact that pastels have been used as far back as the Renaissance goes to prove their enduring quality as a medium and why, even today, they are still being used.

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