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Van Gogh Prints

Van Gogh prints make great items to add to your home because of the style and creativity that they possess. This article will discuss the qualities of Van Gogh prints and examine some of the artist’s best paintings.

How to Draw Cartoons

Caricature is an important technique to learn while drawing cartoons. Caricature drawing is the method of drawing people in such a way that you exaggerate a few chosen characteristics of the individual. You essentially compare the individual to a sample population and decide that one or two characteristics make this individual stand out from the crowd.

How to Draw Cartoons

Part 4 – Selling your cartoons OK so let’s say you’ve learned the basics of drawing cartoons. You’ve got some practice under your belt. You know you can definitely improve your skills considerably at this point and you should continue down that path.

All About Sculpture

Sculpture is the art and science of building, constructing, or molding a replica of the artist imagination or a product of a complex whole within which a piece is taken from. Sculpture encompasses anything made from commonly-used material which is either a wood or metal. The artist uses a wood or metal for sculpturing something or someone to preserve the piece of art for commercial purposes.

The Importance of Technical Illustration

The vast majority of technical illustrations go unnoticed in daily use. From industrial graphics to diagrams that show us how to assemble furniture, technical illustration is everywhere, but when it’s done its job well, we don’t even realize what went into it.

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