The Joy Of Having Your Own Desktop Wallpaper

It can be really fun to add desktop wallpaper to your computer at home and at the office. This helps them to be something you readily appreciate due to the fact that they are personalized. It can also help you to feel more comfortable at your job which will reduce stress. There is no limit to what you will find out there either so it can be very fun.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids – Drawing Cartoons

Kids love to color and to tell stories, so having them draw cartoons for an afternoon is a great way to keep them entertained and happy and keep the TV off. There are plenty of ways to have lots of fun with cartoons even for children and as a young as five years old. They don’t even have to draw well.

How to Draw a Sheep

Sheep are so easy to draw! Here’s how to create a recognizable sheep from a cloud and a bunch of “V” shapes. Children as young as three years old can be taught to draw a sheep like this.

Dark Fantasy Art – Contrasting Themes Can Make a Difference

The world of dark fantasy art. Placing your character in context. Where do you put your character? It may seem obvious to you or you may not know where you want to put your character.

Drawing Perspective Drawings for Real

I would like people to know about Perspective Drawing. My aim is to teach perspective. The most important thing is to show people the way to create perspective drawings for them to apply it to there drawings, whatever it may be.

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