2021 Year In Review

2021 Year In Review

Why Do We Take a Snap and Want it to Prevail For a Lifetime?

Canvassing your photos allows you to keep the most cherished memoirs close to our heart. Having read the article you will get visual evidences why usual photos bear no comparison with canvas printing ones.

Why is Canvas Printing So Popular Nowadays?

If we start scoping all spheres where canvas printing is used, the most unexpected areas will open up before us. This marvellous technology makes it possible to use canvas print everywhere where the image has to occur.

How About Getting a Portrait of Your Pet?

A portrait allows you to capture the unique personality and exact likeness of your pet. If the chosen artist is skilled and talented enough than he can add a lot of liveliness to the painting. These true to life paintings create a lasting memory of your dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet. The best pet portrait not only depicts the physical appearance of the pet but also, its essence and spirit.

Western Painting – American Figurative Expressionism – An Added Edge to Expressionism

American Figurative Expressionism – The History Expressionism is a subjective art form, where the artists distort the reality to bring out their emotional angst. This was not a movement in history with a distinctive start and end, but a mannerism, where sporadic creativity results, often without a pre-conceived subject or imagery. During 1950s, when Abstract Expressionism was prevalent in America, few artists returned to figurative imagery.

Four Things About Pastels You’ll Want to Know

There are certain things about pastels that you should know before diving into painting with pastels. They can be a rather messy medium so knowing couple of tricks will help to make the creation of your masterpiece a whole lot easier.

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