2 Minute Daily Glowforge Cleaning #Shorts

2 Minute Daily Glowforge Cleaning #Shorts

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – Inner Organs

Famous Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci embarked upon a completely new genre of artistic endeavors from 1510, when he began creating anatomical drawings. The whole series composed of almost 200 works, extensively dealing with the skeleton, muscle system, and internal organs.

How to Draw Like Leonardo Da Vinci – The Heart

It is interesting to see how doctors and scientists the world over are referring to the studies done centuries ago by a non-science person, to unravel the mysteries of modern day. Leonardo DA Vinci’s anatomical study of the human heart is a case in point.

Bierstadt Prints

Albert Bierstadt prints make great choices for those who love the North American countryside and wish to add it to their own homes. This article covers the works of this famous American painter in full and discusses why his art makes such a suitable choice as print for art consumers.

Now the Cityscape Paintings

It is a fact of life that cities attract people. The bright lights of the nighttime cityscape, the hustle and bustle of the daytime activities, the sheer multiplicity of things to do and enjoy make even the most rural and suburban dwellers drive the long distance to revel in their nearest big city. Even if you life inside the city, you will cherish cityscape paintings, because they paint a picture of your daily life. Someday you will want to have a legacy of your life, when the time comes to relax after the labors of a career and look around at the culture you have displayed in your home. Wouldn’t you want a cityscape to visit in your imagination?

Adobe After Effects CS5 Animation and Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effects CS5 animation and motion graphics is your gateway to media. Motion makes the difference as we have fun exploring and designing animation. Cartoons may be among our oldest art form as we portray our lives, with larger than life and comical meanings.

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