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Tips And Suggestions Regarding Mixed Media Painting

Mixed media painting mixes various painting (as well as drawings) materials and methods, rather than using just one in a painting. Several of the modern artists tend not to limit themselves to only one particular medium, but they also work to in several different media.

Portrait Artists Draw Human Faces

Do you like drawing people? If you have never drawn a person you may wish to start with landscaping techniques. The reason for this is to practice various painting techniques as these methods will also apply to painting portraits.

How To Select Glass for Your Stained Glass Piece – The Art of Choosing Glass

Before you can begin your stained glass project, you need to select the glass for your stained glass pattern. There are several things to know to select the best glass for your piece.

Drawing and Painting – Human Faces

Are you a people watcher? Do you watch people when you go to the shopping mall? Do you watch people while at the beach?

Cinema 4D – CS Tools, Flux

The CS Tools family offers a set of Cinema 4D assistants. They vary from ‘easy cam’ to ‘daylight’, from ‘bloom’ to ‘particles’. They don’t seem to have a lot in common but actually they do, making your Cinema 4D development life… a whole lot easier for you. Let’s meet CS Tools, ‘Flux’.

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