1st Multi Colored Foiling Project with Cricut Foiling Kit

1st Multi Colored Foiling Project with Cricut Foiling Kit

Two Categories of Artists in Visual Art Exhibitions

Visual art exhibition is paramount to the practice art, not only because it provides an avenue for the artist to meet the audience but also, it promotes the artist beyond the confines of his/her immediate practicing environment. However, the concept of art exhibition in contemporary Nigerian art circle can only be understood when one knows the stand point of the exhibiting artist. As an art historian, my continuing interaction with artists over the years has made me to identify two kinds of artists with different approaches, perceptions as well as views toward exhibition.

Poser Has A Lot To Offer

It offers a plethora of figures to choose from; what We will use in this chapter is a fraction of the resources that are available. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not trying to diminish the importance of all the figure assets Poser contains. I simply want to draw your attention to the fact that you can do a lot with very little.

Create An Old Master Combining Poser With Photoshop

Poser is a 3D figure creation tool. As its name suggests, it allows you to pose, create, and render human figures. Actually, Poser will allow you do much more than that. You can animate figures, add clothing, and even create impressively realistic hair. However, for this particular style of artwork, we really only need to make use of its most rudimentary features.

Building A Photoshop Composition From Bits And Pieces

It is very important for a graphic artist to learn to prepare a photographic composition to use as an underlying template in Painter. Although this form of preparation is essential and obvious to many, it is the pre-Photoshop preparation that must be considered as well. Here this was done while we were shooting the model in the studio. Knowing that something can be built up from bits and pieces in Photoshop will make the process of shooting the components much easier, and the outcome will be better.

Combining Painter With Photoshop

The first time I used Painter, it was still sold in a can. Back then it was owned by Fractal Design and there was nothing else like it. That is true today as well, but I must digress here to put things into perspective. I remember that period when even layers in Photoshop were thought of as an exciting new development. I was one of the many digital artists rejoicing in the glory of the new layer-based Photoshop work flow when I launched Painter for the first time.

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