15 CRICUT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | Which Cricut Machine to buy? How to clean used mats & more!

15 CRICUT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | Which Cricut Machine to buy? How to clean used mats & more!

Make Cartoon Drawing a Part of Your Life

Life in this world can become dull and boring. You have to make the most of the life available to you. If you are getting bored and want to do something that excites you and can be a good pastime, then you definitely have to give cartoon drawing a go.

Want to Draw Cartoons – Start With Easy to Draw Cartoons

For beginning drawers, easy to draw cartoons are a must to learn the basics of cartoon drawing. Most easy cartoons are built on basic shapes, and most cartoon drawing lessons are built on straight lines, rather than complicated levels of drawings and colors.

Art Value – Misunderstandings About The Value of Art

It takes quite a lot of experience and a special skill set to properly know the true value of art. If you happen to have an art collection and you do not know how to value it, then you can always seek out professional help to appraise your art collection. On the other hand if you want to appraise your art collection yourself you should avoid these common misunderstandings about the value of art.

The Perfect Tri Fold Brochures

If your looking for the perfect tri fold brochures online, here are some things to consider when looking for them. Consider creating them yourself, this way you have more control over the end product. Not creative?

Bring the Streets Home With Banksy Prints

Art lovers can create a little corner of London in their homes by buying Banksy prints. The elusive guerrilla artist started to paint graffiti on the streets and walls of the capital after moving from his native Bristol where he honed his skills as a member of the city’s DryBreadZ Crew. Distinctive graffiti art starting appearing around the city soon after Banksy’s relocation to London, which saw the Bristolian satirizing western culture with dark, subversive humour.

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