143vinyl Christmas Mystery box Tutorial - gift bag

143vinyl Christmas Mystery box Tutorial – gift bag

Five Big Mistakes Artists Make at Art Festivals When Learning How to Sell Art

When you are learning how to sell your art, one of the most rewarding things you can do as an artist to help sell your artwork and establish yourself as an artist is to participate in an Art Festival, whether local or afar. You get to meet wonderful people, allow others to experience your art and possibly connect with others who can help get your work in other venues. However, to be able to turn the art festival into a successful opportunity there are some tips you should consider. When trying to sell your art at an art festival it can be a real challenge. Most artist don’t know the ends and outs of successfully selling their art at an art festival. This article will list five big mistakes artists makes at art festivals when learning how to sell their art. Take notes and and learn what not to do at art festivals.

Famous Andy Warhol Prints

The credit for the establishment of the Pop Art movement goes to Andy Warhol. This occurred in the 1960s. Warhol was a writer, music producer and also a filmmaker. However, he is better known across the world for silk screens that showed various celebrities and different objects of commercial value.

Jack Vettriano Prints

Jack Vettriano prints are some of the best art products available to buy online and Jack Vettriano has become one of the best loved Scottish painters of all time. This article discusses why Vettriano prints are so popular and brings to your attention his very best paintings from a long career that continues to impress and expand.

Art Supplies for Everyone!

If you’ve shopped for arts supplies lately, then you know that there is an incredible selection available today. If you’re an experienced artist or a teacher then the wide selection is probably not daunting. But if you’re a hobbyist, a one-time artist, or a mom trying to supply school aged kids, the enormous selection can present a real time consuming challenge.

Got A Collection Of Artwork That You Don’t Know How To Hang?

Walls without decoration add a very empty, clinical feeling to any space. To add personality and warmth to these empty walls we tend to use art work of varying descriptions which appeal to our personal nature. Ultimately, the pieces you choose to display don’t just beautify a space, but give the outsider an inclination as to your personality, tastes and preferences. Your collections communicate meaning about who you are, to the people around you.

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