12 DIY Cricut Gift Ideas Using Just TWO Basic Materials!

12 DIY Cricut Gift Ideas Using Just TWO Basic Materials!

How to Come Up With Fresh Ideas For Your Art

Creating new ideas. Learning new art techniques. Expanding on what you already know. Taking a chance on new artistic ideas.

Top 10 Best Face Painting Designs For Kids

There are lots of cool face painting designs for kids out there. However, if you ask a bunch of kids what their favorite designs are, the same designs are mentioned again and again!

Postmodernism Art

Postmodernism is a philosophical term referring to art, literature, politics, social philosophy and other aspects of contemporary society. While the word has been used in only the last 50 years or so, long before then, many creative people lived and worked according to the principles of postmodernism and postmodern art.

Western Painting – New York Figurative Expressionism

Figurative Expressionism is the coadunation of ‘Figurative Art’ and ‘Expressionism.’ Figurative Art refers mostly to the works inspired from real objects & entities.

Design Works – Evaluating Artistic and Design Works

Generally all of our artistic and design works are subject to five areas of evaluation. Critical thinking and prudent evaluation can be the key to making your design “work”.

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