Tips to Submit Art to an Art Gallery and How to Prepare

Have you ever dreamt about your artwork hanging on the walls of an art gallery but were not sure how to approach the gallery with your work? This article will guide you from preparation to the moment you meet with the gallery. Written by an artist who has also worked as an art gallery director and art sales manager this informative guide offers valuable perspectives that will help you get your dream off on the right foot.

Usage of Stencils in Pop Art

Graffiti is a popular form of pop art, with many artists displaying their works or ‘signatures’ across public spaces and canvas portraits alike. With pop art promoting quick reproduction of images for easy dissemination, stencils have grown in importance and usage. Blek le Rat is known as one of the early users of stencils. From using it for etching numbers and letters, stencils today can be used for creating impressions of people, animals and a range of other images also.

Sgraffito – Strange Name, Beautiful Technique

The word Sgraffito is the past participle of the Italian word Sgraffire, a word that means to scratch. The word goes back to describe the work done by pre15th century Italian potters, the technique itself goes much farther back. The word describes, in its purest form, redware pottery with decorations etched into a top layer of white clay slip so that the color of the clay comes through. The practice has progressed with a variety of mediums, clays, and slips but still retains the basic technique of scratching off a surface to reveal the colors of what lie beneath.

Different Mediums for Printing Pop Art

Pop art was once restricted just to the medium of canvas. But thanks to advanced printing techniques that can give great finish and quality, today it is popular on a wide range of other media too. Also, with options to personalize the experience, you can create for yourself a personalized piece printed on a medium of your choice. Here are the top eight printing and gifting options…

Great Ways to Cartoon Yourself

With many creative options available online, most of us are constantly looking for ways to create portraits. Converting your photograph into a cartoon is one creative idea that is fast catching on. With Internet new technologies traveling at lighting pace, it is much easier to create a cartoon caricature of your photo right from the comfort of your home without going anywhere. In this article we examine the top ways of creating a cartoon image of yourself and the pros and cons of each of these methods.

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