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Origami, a Brief History

Origami is an art form with a rich history. It developed not only in Japan as most people believe but originally came from China and was also developed by the Moors in Africa.

Investment In Art

In the present times of uncertain financial investments. The art world becomes a more attractive alternative. The best part of such investment is that, you can pass the art to your successive generations and keep it as a piece of decoration.

Cinema 4D – Navigating the Viewport

Cinema 4D provides some powerful tools to navigate the viewport. Ultimately, these same tools provide your imagination with possibilities of what you can share with your viewer. You might say, the more you know about navigation, the more of a ‘real life’ experience you can present to your audience.

Custom 3D Saves Business Time and Money

The efficiency, ability, and expertise of a custom 3D image shop is the boost that your company needs to outdo the competition. Advertising for your business no matter the market is the essence of your business.

It’s Digital But Is It Art?

Digitally-produced or enhanced artworks can certainly be creative, exciting and beautiful to look at. But there continues to be debate and controversy over whether “digital art” should be classified as art. Is manipulating a piece of computer software on a screen a comparable skill to that of manipulating paint and other media on canvas or paper?

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