Wood rounds with your Cricut – Stenciling with vinyl and chalk paint – How to seal wood and stain

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Cultural Hall LDS Art – Artwork For Multi-Purpose Rooms

A common name for a room in the LDS church is a cultural hall. Depending on who you are or what location you come from this could mean different things. A cultural hall could be the basketball gym that is in most LDS churches or it could also be a large room for gatherings or meetings. Sometimes these rooms are called multi-purpose rooms.

How to Paint Great Landscapes

Yes, you’ve heard it before “Anyone can paint” and that is true. It does not depend on inherent talent but developing artistic skills. This takes time to go through the learning curve to fine tune these skills where you can emerge as a professional.

Folk Painting – Perfect Medium to Depict the Vivid Nature of India

If you want to experience the true India through the artworks done by the Indian artists then you should consider the Indian folk paintings. As the name suggests, folk painting is the specific form of artworks done by the folk people of the nation. These are basically the pictorial expressions of the village artists, which are usually marked by the subjects chosen from ancient Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

How to Design Race Car Decals

Nobody would bring a car to the track without wheels but bringing an ugly car is just as bad. This article will give you some ideas on how to design great looking decals.

Step by Step Art Lessons – Do They Actually Work?

Step by step art is often the answer for artists that have had less practice than others. It helps with the basics of something that you have always wanted to be able to draw.

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