Western Art – Stippling – Dotting Away to Colors

Stippling is an art of painting, distinguished by its technique, rather than style. It involves the application of paints in the form of dots, rather than being spread over the base.

Western Art – Indigenous Australian Art – An Integral Part of Aboriginal Life

Indigenous Australian Art refers to the art made by the original inhabitants of Australian continent and nearby islands like Torres Strait islands, also called Indigenous or Aboriginal Australians. In traditional Aboriginal society, activities, such as dancing, singing, body decoration, weaving baskets, sand drawing, or making sculptures are a part of their normal daily life.

Western Painting – Tribal Art – Native Art From the West

Tribal Art – The Concept Tribal Art refers to the artifacts and objects, the tribes of rural areas create. Produced mostly for religious reasons, rather than as a model of artistry, its myriad uses differ from tribe to tribe. Right from the decoration of the objects of daily use to spiritual ceremonial functions, Tribal Art can be witnessed in several life events. Tribes are often isolated from civilizations, with no tradition of literacy. Therefore, art is a potential means to represent and preserve tribal traditions, mythology, and history. In the Western Art scene, the most well known Tribal Art genres are from the tribes in the remote areas of Central and South America.

Far East Painting – Burmese Contemporary Art

Burmese Contemporary Art – The History Burma (Myanmar), a Southeast Asian country, has been isolated from the rest of the world since 1988, due to its non-democratic military dictatorship. Similar to its political and economic isolation, Contemporary Art in this region also does not have much western influence. Developing on its own terms, art in Burma reflects a fine balance between modernity and the country’s rich cultural heritage. The motifs and art theme in paintings are often related to the deep-rooted Marxist and Buddhist beliefs in the country. The difficult socio-political situation in the country also has a significant influence on its Contemporary Art.

Why and When to Use 3D Anti-Aliasing

If you have not noticed yet, when you use ray tracing, there are actually two different settings for anti-aliasing-one for the Scanline Renderer and one for the Ray trace Renderer. This means that you must work with two settings now. Fortunately, you can usually leave the Scanline Renderer’s settings alone and just tweak the anti-aliasing of the Ray tracer. That feature can greatly improve image quality in your scenes.

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