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What Is Graffiti? Really

Consider this… Do you find it offensive and invasive when you are constantly bombarded with advertising and other commercial messages? They’re everywhere, on your favourite television shows, on the back of buses and taxis, in your favourite magazines, on the billboards that cover almost every inch of a city. These messages come into your home more often than not uninvited and unsolicited.

Photoshop – Saving and Reusing Selections

Photoshop provides tools for saving and loading selections. The selection process can be a task in itself. Being able to save your selection to return or use in a different image you are working with can be a real time saver.

Photoshop – Working With Your Saved Selections

In a previous tutorial we see how easy it is to save selections in Photoshop. We also learned that saving selections really create “channels”, information about your selection that Photoshop saves and uses.

Photoshop – Fine Tuning Selections

Photoshop provides many methods for fine tuning your selections. Whether you use the marquee tools, the quick selection tool, or the magic wand tool, you can fine tune your selections using the refine edge tool. Presently a bit differently in version CS5, the refine edge tool offers the same options at no only refining but your reviewing your changes before saving them.

Photoshop – Doing More With Selections

Photoshop offers a variety of ways to do more with your selections. It seems to mirror the possibilities and needs of users and indeed it does. Feedback and suggestions, new possibilities appearing from new applications contribute to the core growth of this very popular software. Often problems becomes solutions such as having a difficult selection challenge become quite easy when you simply choose its inverse. As you learn more about these options, new possibilities will appear alongside.

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