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Tips on Painting Realistic Water

Learn how to paint more realistic water. This article will go over some quick tips for improving the water in your paintings.

Drawing Clowns – How to Draw a Clown

Clowns, people love them or they hate them, probably going back to their childhood when the clowns laughed in their face. Either way, drawing them is a challenge to try and lose the common sinister appeal of these popular children’s entertainers, so here we will be going through drawing a clown step by step through an article’s words. Clowns often are colourful, but a lot of their design tries to appeal to a certain age group, so at first we need to assess whether our clown will be the typical short and fat clown or a tall and thin clown…

A Fascination With Sand Art

During a recent visit to a school carnival, I noticed a particularly large crowd gathered at a sand art booth. I tried to steer my children toward a less messy activity, but to no avail. Seated around two long tables were children, from kindergarten aged to sixth grade, feverishly creating ocean-themed paintings.

Why is Abstract Art So Popular?

Abstract art is a non-traditional contemporary art form. It resonates with the feelings and emotions of today’s artists and art collectors.

The Basics of Framing Pastel Artwork

Framing pastel artwork is the best thing you can do for your finished masterpiece. Unframed pastel paintings are notoriously hard to store, particularly in a way that will let you get them out often to admire them. Properly framed and protected behind glass, your paintings will literally last for centuries.

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