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Improving Accuracy in Drawing

Here are some quick ways to improve the accuracy of your drawings. I’ll show you how to use reference lines to improve your work.

Art Reproductions – An Affordable Solution For Artworks Lovers

You wish you could collect artworks as a hobby? It can be a very serious one if you take time to do it right. It can even be more serious if you wish to earn a return on your investment later. If you cannot offer yourself an original piece, you may want to try oil reproductions.

Learn Oil Painting – Basics of Paint Selection

When painting with oil paints, it is wise to learn the different aspects of oil based paints. Oil paints dry quite slowly and therefore it is very easy to correct errors, or change the direction of your painting. The three types of oil paint finishes are Transparent, Semi-Opaque and Opaque.

Appreciating Abstract Art

I admit comprehending abstract art does pose some difficulties to the viewer in appreciating it. The main lament on abstracts is that there is no discernable subject and therefore fails to communicate with the viewer. But this does not mean that abstract art is meaningless doodle, it’s just that one has to move away from the conventional idea of a painting

Drawing Cars is Easy – Once You See How!

Drawing or sketching cars is a lot of fun, and it should be easy to do. It doesn’t depend on “natural artistic talent” or “artistic ability,” whatever those are. There is only one problem that keeps you from drawing cars as well as you want to, and it’s easy to fix!

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