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Canvas Prints For Your Home

Canvas prints are amongst the easiest way of upgrading your home interior. There is no need for paint, redecorating or expensive purchases. All you need are images or photos that you like which can be transformed into canvas art.

How to Draw A Horse Like A Profession Artist

Learning how to draw a horse or any animal can be hard for a beginner. Learn the basic tips to get the results you want now!

The Three Biggest Drawing Mistakes Made By Beginners

Typically, when you first begin drawing (or anything else for that matter), you will make plenty of mistakes. Remember that occasional mistakes are normal, as they represent a step in your learning to master a craft. Because drawing can be a difficult craft to master, expect to make plenty of mistakes yet still try to avoid making them.

Offset Printing – The Process of Litho

One of the more significant functions is the pre-process production phase, as it during this process that all files are correctly processed for the printing task ahead. In this stage converting the color involved to the proper CMYK, finalizing the files and creating the plates that will be used to for each color of the job. A general sheet fess press consists of several systems used to complete the entire process, feeder system, printing system, inking/damping system and the delivery system.

Graphic Design Program Tips

Having the desire to start your own graphics design business is just the first step. Deciding on which of the numerous programs available you will use is an important decision as well.

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