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How to Draw a Skeleton

Skeletons are the most popular emblems since a long time now. Be it tattoos, symbols, insignia of the pirates, or evil depiction, human skeletons are usually the pick. Skeletons are also a part of many fantasy settings and are definitely mighty fun to experiment with. The depiction of human skeleton can vary among evil, flaming, or simply a cartoon.

How to Draw a Portrait

Portrait drawing is considered the highest degree of achievement in the field of drawing and painting. This entails capturing the complex human expressions through a two dimensional representation on paper, rendering it arguably the toughest form of art.

Easy Steps to Draw a Baby

Babies are one of the most enjoyable subjects to draw, but are also the hardest human forms to depict on paper. Their artistic capture follows different drawing rules, as they are different in size and proportion from adults and children.

Modern Art – Doing What’s New and Different

What exactly is modern art? Actually, it’s really not all that “modern,” at least not anymore. “Modern art” refers to art that’s closely related to modernism, a philosophy of thought that describes a set of cultural tendencies and a wide range of cultural movements.

Draw an Apple in Five Easy Steps

Drawing an apple is conceivably an easy project due to its inherent basic circular shape and easy availability for reference. Though an apple can vary in color, size, and texture, its basic shape remains constant, which makes it easy to understand and draw.

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