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Your Photos On Canvas Stay Brighter

Though the canvases are in use for quite some time, but now they have become quite widespread. In the past they were mostly used by the artists and professionals to display their artwork in various galleries. However, since the access to the canvas became easy, the use of canvas for printing the photos have become very popular.

Benefits of 3 Piece Paintings

No doubt canvas photos are beautiful, but if you have ever witnessed 3 Piece Paintings then you must be fully aware of the fact that they look more beautiful and attractive as compared to one piece painting. Unlike the one piece painting these paintings look more enticing and will definitely attract the guests at your place.

Why Hire a Painting School Graduate?

You may think that your business can in no way benefit from having a painting school graduate on the payroll. You may be surprised at what a painting school graduate could do for you and your business.

The Importance of Illustration in Children’s Books

Why are illustrations necessary in children’s books? What do they accomplish? This article outlines the importance of illustration in children’s books.

Marketing an Art Event on a Budget

Marketing an event while on a budget can be difficult. In this article, I discuss cost-effective ways to market your event.

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