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The Guide Designed for a Newbie To Learn How To Draw Step By Step A Comic Book

When you decide that you are going to learn how to draw step by step you really need to stick to some fundamental guidelines. It will make your journey of learning how to draw much simpler.

What’s a Paper Trimmer?

We have a dwindling number of trees nowadays and this is quite troubling not only on our paper supply but for the environment as well. This is the reason why we are called to recycle paper every so often. Most of us are always reminded to use paper wisely and don’t waste them.

Artists Ask Questions About Art Marketing

Questions and answers to common art marketing questions. Topics include artist statements, resumes and other things an artist needs to have; artists and social media; balancing business, creative, and personal activities; common misperceptions about coaching and mentoring programs; and how the internet has affected the artist-gallery dynamic.

Art Professor Career Tips

For those who enjoy flexible work hours and prefer a creative field of employment, the career of art professor has few rivals. Generally, the art professor teaches three studio courses, usually a fundamentals, an introductory sophomore course and lastly, an advanced course for intermediate and senior students. Although this profession is quite competitive, there are a number of steps to improve one’s chances of acquiring a position.

Four Techniques of Creating Custom Potter Pieces

All four of these ladies are artists. Their work is unique, their styles are different, their pieces are treasures, but they all begin with clay.

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