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Is a Photo on Canvas Right For Your Cat?

Most of us enjoy taking pictures of our pets at home and put it in a photo album separate from everything. Well here’s a better idea, put it on Canvas. There are a lot of types and sizes to choose from, the question is: What sort of Canvas is right for them?

Portrait Painting – The Zenith of Excellence in Painting

A portrait is an artwork (painting, sculpture, photograph) focusing on the face or expression of a person, a group of people, or an animal. It involves a subject, an artist, and an audience.

Art Pastels

There is something special about a pastels drawing. It creates a very unique effect, usually soft around the edges and full of feeling. If you are interested in working with pastels you need to know about the various types and their uses.

5 Excellent Landscape Woodblock Prints by Ando Hiroshige

Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) is generally considered the greatest Ukiyo-e artist (together with the great Hokusai) of the landscape genre. He was a son of an Edo (today’s Tokyo) firewarden and although he succeeded at an early age to his father’s hereditary post the attraction of becoming a woodblock designer dominated.

Graphic Design FAQs – Finding the Path of Success

Facing problems in graphic design is normal but finding a quick answer also remains a problem. Sometimes even the most gifted graphic designers get wedged in a difficult predicament. Even if he does eventually get out of the dilemma, the solution to one problem gives way to another.

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