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What Makes a Good Storyboard Artist?

A storyboard artist must be able to draw anything, and do it fast and confidently. This is something that can be worked on and improved on to a large extent, but some artists simply ‘talk and think with a pencil’ [ or in my case a digital pen] better than others.

The Difference Between LDS Art and Other Christian Artwork

LDS artwork stands for Latter-Day Saint art, this means art that was created by or specifically for an LDS audience. Despite the fact that some people believe that members of the Mormon church are not Christians, the truth is that they are. You can tell just by the official name of the church.

Using Original Cartoon Drawings to Illustrate Your Blogs

Could your blog posts do with some livening-up? Maybe a little original humor could be just the thing you need.

Colour and Brush

Colours are so fascinating. Since the initial stage of life, colours have attracted all the eras and ages.

Simple and Contemporary Face Paint Designs

Painting is all about discovering the magic of colours, patterns and designs. Face painting is all about painting magic that can alter faces of people or children into something totally different from what they actually are.

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