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Candles and Other Light Sources in the 3D World

Lit candles are often very difficult to make a material for. For instance, think about a lit candle. The primary problem is that because candle wax is translucent, it appears to be somewhat lit when the wick is lit. There’s never really been a way to recreate this in your 3D application easily-if at all.

In Practice – Special 3D Effects

Using Lens Effects Glow: Glow helps diffuse the light immediately around the light source-or at least appear to. You will have to use very subtle values for the Glow effect for it to look proper.

Illumination Effects in the 3D World

In your 3D application, there are actually several new features, material-wise, that help you with illumination. This section talks about how to use various components of both the Standard and Ray trace materials to produce lighting effects from the materials themselves.

The Water Map and the 3D Material

The Water map comes to us from the days of 3D Studio DOS where it first started as an IPAS plug-in. You can use it to create the obvious-such as water-but it also works very well for effects like Opacity and Bump. For clarity, however, we will refer to the map as if it were being used as a water material within the scene.

Natural Animated 3D Materials

“Designing Fictional and Special Effects Materials,” a slew of procedural maps can help you design both fictional and natural organic materials easily. Any one of the Procedural maps that are available for stills can also be used in an animation.

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