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Celebrated Printmaking Artists From Around The World

A native of Sarajevo, Tanja Softic trained in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (University of Sarajevo) from 1984 to 1988. In 1989, she was given a scholarship grant to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, where she received her MFA.

Liao: Considered One Of The Most Distinguished Printmaking Artists

Early on in 2011, Taiwan’s Council for Cultural Affairs awarded graphic artist Liao Shiou-ping one of three National Cultural Awards. The 74-year-old artisan, renowned for mixing Western printmaking techniques with conventional Taiwanese and Chinese influences, was acknowledged for his exceptional share to Taiwan heritage.

Different Methods Of Printmaking

Printmaking might call to mind historical presses, copper plates and a very large man with beefy arms and a long, filthy apron. So it was from around the 12th century up to the mid-1960’s when modern-day resourcefulness introduced the printmaking press from a barn-sized room to a workable space – and today into your house or studio.

Discover More About Printmaking

Printmaking is actually an art that involves the transferring of an image from one surface like an inked plate to another one like a piece of paper, fabric, metal or lumber. The art finds its strength in its aesthetic value and its ability to be replicated, adding greatly to the concept of world cultures.

Exactly What Are The Different Printmaking Techniques?

Printmaking is an artwork that has been created by transmitting an impression from one object right onto yet another two-dimensional surface area. Printmaking is among the oldest and most basic of artistic representations.

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