Interactive glow shirt – Glow in the Dark HTV shirt with UV light for fun drawing Easy DIY for all

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Add the Detail in the Map, Not in the Mesh in 3D

Every polygon added to a real-time mesh takes a certain amount of time to render. Even if it is less than a 1000th of a second, that time adds up and diminishes the possible frame rate during game play. Texture maps are drawn much faster than the polygons needed to create the details that could be “painted” into the Texture map.

Games For Learning How to Draw

For some people, learning how to draw is actually more of a chore than a joy. This could be because the person has been forced into doing so at school or by well-meaning parents. To get around this problem, especially for younger people, you can use games as a method of encouraging someone to practice drawing.

What to Consider Before Printing a Band Poster

Decide on how you intend to mount your band poster. Framed or not, the longevity of your poster’s gloss will depend on the paper stock and posting surface.

A Famous British Figurative Artist – Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde’s work has evoked emotional responses in observers due to its ability to connect with their lives in amazing ways. His paintings and sculptures can bring a smile on even the most stoic individual and invoke a certain kind of innocence hidden deep within the human personality. Doug confesses, “I hope people can feel a connection with my work, and share the positive emotions behind it!

Using Oil Pastels

If you aren’t already familiar with oil pastels, the difference between them and soft pastels is in the binder. These pastels are made with oil and wax binder rather than one made of gum. This makes them much less powdery than the softer pastels; they have a soft, almost buttery consistency.

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