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A Heavyweight Paper Champion

When I was younger I loved paper. I would draw and draw all the live long day (doo da) and my parents would just provide me with ream after ream of paper. I guess they realized throwing a few pounds of paper at me would keep me happy, quiet and off the street.

Synaesthesia – Painting to Music?

Synaesthesia is an automatic involuntary sensation arising from a stimulus to a different sense organ. We all have this to some degree – a caress in one spot can tickle somewhere else, scents evoke flavours, and we feel chilled on hearing on a blood-curdling screech. These experiences are ordinary ‘wiring’, but a few people are wired up differently from the rest of us. Some see specific colours on hearing distinctive sounds, and some of those create art to music. I wonder how I would display that kind of painting at home?

Watch Engraving: Highlight Your Image

Have you ever thought on how to save a watch from depersonalization? There are two ways. The first involves production of unique models or limited series. In this case, each item receives its own number. The second way offers decoration of case, cover and mechanism. Craftsmen apply different decorative techniques. Engraving represents a popular kind of decoration.

Award Winning Design Tips

If you want to have an award winning design, you better think of a great design that people can easily remember. Having a unique design is your advantage. If you want to have it, read this article to get award wining design tips.

Modern Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Consider decorating with metal wall sculptures. With all the different varieties sold in home decor and retail stores, anyone can find a suitable piece to hang in the apartment, dorm room or home. Many different styles make this type of art suitable for any home, whether traditional or contemporary.

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