How to work with Siser Strip Flock Pro on Sublimation apron Pressing sublimation and layering vinyl

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Field Studies

Before the current proliferation of plein air painters populated the planet. Long before we had instant access to unlimited information, when my world was a little simpler, I took my watercolor paints outdoors and tried to capture the light of the day. Lacking formal art training, I struggled with a burning desire to capture what I saw and felt.

Design Your Art School With Creative Wall Graphics

Being creative is part of life in an art school. Wall graphics make use of your artistic side as you can do several designs for your wall rather than just mere wall paints. Your art school will be a nice venue for fun learning experience.

Andy Warhol Posters

More than 20 years after his death, Andy Warhol posters are still very popular in the contemporary art market. Art lovers from all walks in life continue to display his Pop Art in galleries and museums. Even the major art auctions in New York City still regularly list and sell Andy Warhol art for millions of dollars each.

Stained Glass Art – The Basics

Stained glass is a very popular hobby now days. This article details some of the basic facts need for getting started.

Buy Art Online by Robert Bradford and Other Recycled Art Artists

If you are looking to buy art online, Robert Bradford offers a selection of unique pieces to purchase at this time on the internet. Robert Bradford art is among the most popular recycled art you find. At the start of his career, Bradford was a film maker and painter.

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