How to use sublimation blanks with HTV Placemat from the Thankful For You Mystery Box – Layering HTV

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Anti-Aliasing in 3D Renderings

Anti-aliasing has been around since the early days of graphics. Ever since you could see the “stair stepping” effect of thin diagonal lines on a computer screen, there have been ways to smooth them out. The “stair step” effect is called aliasing. To counter the effect, programs use anti-aliasing. Anti aliasing employs an averaging method around a given pixel.

What is 3D Ray Tracing?

Generally speaking, ray tracing is the calculation of a light ray from the point of view or camera to the light source. The reverse (from the light to the camera/point of view) is known as Backward ray tracing. Ray tracing technology is typically noted for its capability to generate super-realistic reflections and refractions in renderings.

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When it Comes to Personalized Printing!

If you have ever tried printing out a few personal things for yourself, you know that sometimes these pages can result in things like smudges and misalignment’s. It’s such a waste of paper and ink. Especially with the way ink cartridges cost nowadays!

Understanding and Describing the Art of Beryl Cook

Beryl Cook is one of the most treasured British artists and after her death she received even more critical acclaim. People often struggle to describe the art work of Beryl Cook as her contemporary style is so unique but to really describe it you need to understand the type of person she was.

Be Aware of “Kitsch”

I guess you all heard about the German word “Kitsch”. Wherever you look for it, you will find exactly or similar explanation, but what does it really mean to you?

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