Visually Appealing Real Images of Architecture Using 3ds Max Modeling and Rendering

To develop real appealing images of architecture model, there has to be lighting, texturing and an accurate model in the 3ds Max program. The process of making such model is time consuming and also requires lot of expertise.

Caring for Your Textured Pottery

Textured pottery creates a greater challenge when caring and cleaning your collection. Cleaning the pottery takes care to prevent nicks, scratches, and chips which can mar the beauty of the piece. Warm water, gentle detergent, and soft friction can deal with most cleaning but additional safeguards can maintain the original beauty of intricate designs.

How to Make a Latex Mask for Halloween or Other Event

The first step in creating a latex rubber mask is to create the sculpture first. You should have an armature of a head shape you can make out of a styrofoam head or wire and wrap it in tin foil. For more advanced users or if you want to get into sculpting more you can buy a lifecast armature of a head.

Do I Have a Print by a Famous Artist? Is My Print By a Master Engraver?

You have found an old print and you are wondering if you have found a genuine Rembrandt. How can you be sure? Your print says painted by Rembrandt and it sure does look old.

The Dos and Don’ts of Custom Button Design

I have set up a lot of custom buttons over the years, some better designed than others. Over the years I’ve noticed that all of the buttons that have appealed to me the most have a few elements in common. The best designed buttons are simple, bold, and to the point.

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