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Paintings Are a Two Fold Benefit – An Aspect of Home Decoration and Investment

Paintings can be seen in every household. They may not be by very famous artists but due to aesthetic awareness and financial growth people are out to buy affordable works. Prints or paintings of emerging and new artists can be bought at affordable rates, and as over the time the value of works increases and even shoots up many folds giving a legacy to the future generations.

The Effect of War and Raging Animal Paintings

Paintings as we all know are becoming a face of every household. Selection of paintings usually is done by what you like at the first glance and our preconceived notions about certain topics. The Mahabharata and Ramayana are epics on which many an artists have worked on.

Symbolism of Lotus Paintings

The lotus is a lovely flower that grows in muddy water and gives beautiful blooms. Lotus is available in pink, white, ivory and shades of magenta. It is rarely seen in cities as it requires marshy soil, plenty of water and hot sun. Paintings are a way to bring this beauty in our homes. Whatever our choices lotus is universally appealing to all audiences.

Understanding Abstract Art – Part III

Artists are always experimenting when creating art. When creating abstract paintings, artists are engaged in the greatest amount of experimenting possible.

4 Drawing Tips For Beginners

A blank white page can be pretty intimidating. The idea that you have one chance to get the drawing right is scary, too. And the idea that if you can not get this drawing to work out then you are not a good artist is downright discouraging.

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