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Great Photo Collage Ideas

There is no greater freedom of expression than in a collage. While one can design a collage with any concept, photo collages are a great way of preserving memories of events over a period of time. Here are some ideas to tickle your thought buds and get you to start thinking about your very own photo collage.

Orange and Yellow – The Warm Colors

Yellow, orange and red are the colors typically referred to as the ‘warm colors’ of the spectrum. Orange is considered an energetic color that evokes enthusiasm and excitement. Yellow is considered to be cheery, but when people are overexposed to yellow, the color tends to do the opposite effect and evoke frustration and anger. There is one thing that both of these colors are used for, it is turning your head and grabbing your attention.

Top 10 Art Supplies For A Beginner Artist

Every artist has different needs for their work, But I have made a list of the top 10 tools that a beginner artist needs or would ask for Christmas or their birthday. This list would also apply to what a beginner artist needs to start basic drawing techniques.

Knowing the Street Arts Better

When the walls become canvas, the street arts are born. Often known for its notoriety as unsanctioned art, this form of expression has shaped the direction for visual imagery in more ways than one. It has showcased thoughts of the common man and brought out his views on to a public platform. It has demonstrated the unlimited possibilities of art, once thought limited only to the elite and restricted to some mediums. The street arts differ for different nations, showcasing each country’s individual social, economic, political and moral ethos.

How the Role of the Graphic Designer Has Changed

This article explores the impact of financial, cultural and technological changes on the role of the Graphic Designer over the last decade. This includes the shortening of deadlines due to improved communication, digital print and the implications of the financial crisis.

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