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Clipping Path Technique Resolves Imperfect Image Formats

One of the miracles of working on digital imaging is that any format is supported and helpful to an editor for graphic designing. Using technology of clipping path technique is increasingly becoming essential in creating fantastic illustrations to attract viewers’ eyeballs.

What You Need to Know About Scanning – Color Depth

There are some key issues about scanners and printers that need to be understood by anyone hoping to become proficient with high-quality digital imaging and printing. These issues or factors are: color depth, dynamic range, and resolution.

Professional Canvas Prints

Professional canvas prints are a fantastic way of creating a stunning visual impact to instantly liven up your home. With a wide variety of styles and effects toΒ add to your canvas prints, there are so many opportunities to design your very own inspirational wall art. And although they are of a professional quality they are also remarkably affordable considering their timeless and sentimental value. Β 

How to Market and Sell More Art Than You Ever Have Before, Guaranteed!

What The AMA Is The Art Marketing Association is an international organization dedicated to assisting artists, artisans, craftspeople, photographers and galleries to improve their marketing skills and to hone their efforts to become more profitable, thus helping to share their message with the world. That’s the mission and that’s our goal. I get kinda tired of hearing artists whine about not making enough money, not being able to sell their work, etc.

How to Submit Your Work for Art Shows and Get Your Work Seen

So far I have written a few articles about the creative process and how to get the best work out of your creative time. Once you are done creating and producing your art work, then what? Here are some ideas about how to submit your work into shows, and once you do how to prepare for the big event.

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