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Graphic Design Introduction – What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is the systematic combination of art and technology to be able to capture the interest of viewers to influence them to take the time to check the message you want to be told. It includes the use of paintings, photos, computerized images and even simple letters and numbers made in a different way or arranged in a certain fashion.

Steven Paul Jobs – Memoriam: Girl With Apple, a Video Game Artist

We bought our first Apple Computer in 1987 when our daughter Leela was only two years old and even back then there were child friendly educational programs we could buy for her and a few art related programs that she loved, she loved painting on that computer. Now as an adult she is a Computer Graphic Artist working in the video game industry, most recently for Electronic Arts in Orlando Florida working in environments, mainly trees and shrubs for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Video Games. My husband and I named her Leela after a character from the popular British PBS program Dr Who; later we found out her name is a sacred Hindu name meaning, Cosmic Play or Divine Creation, such an interesting coincidence now that she is involved with creating video games. I send my blessings to you Steven Paul Jobs, as you continue your journey into that cosmic play, AKA divine creation, which you and all of us are a part of.

Socialising the Anti-Social, Bringing Together the Graffiti Culture and Forming an Online Community

Can the anonymity of identity online bring together a culture that largely keeps itself hidden from society? And in doing so free its individuals up to explore and discuss their creative ideas as a community?

Revive Ancient Magic With Image Retouching Technique

Old worn out pictures tend to look sick even if they have been preserved in the album. The fresh look can be revived with some simple and ancient magic with image retouching techniques. Digital retouching has become the most modern way to revive ancient pictures. It brings back to life some years that faded away.

Cricute Cartridges Lite, A New Way To Design Your Crafts

Cricut Cartridges Lite are part of Cricut’s creativity program where you get to use some fun tools and resources to print out awesome looking 3D like artwork. Cricut Cartidges lite each contain 200 images which is really 50 different images with 4 different layers. They are a more affordable solution to the original cartridges.

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