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Seeing Red – How Red Is Used To Evoke Emotions

Red is one of the most influential colors in the spectrum. While all colors conjure up emotions and feelings, very few colors can generate the wide range of emotions that red can. Red represents emotions from anger to love, and feelings from love to fire and heat. All designers should be mindful of the emotions they conjure as they may be creating feelings that counter the product they are trying to sell. The color red in the world of advertising and entertainment very often has a purpose whenever it is being used. Understanding that purpose and more importantly, learning to exploit it, can be the difference in the level of success for your next ad campaign.

Cartoon Drawing Tips In Easy and Simple Steps

There are many people who pick up cartoon drawing just to have some fun in their spare time but get hooked later on. This shows the fact that cartoon drawing is really a hobby that can get people easily attracted.

Why Don’t I Enjoy Making Art As Much As I Used to?

For a long time I’ve had a lot of trouble making art. I found it extremely difficult to stay motivated, focussed and confident about anything I started making. Recently, that changed. Now I am excited to work on new drawings, paintings & other experiments and find that the biggest things getting in my way are logistical issues like time and money. This huge change came as the result of a relatively small adjustment in my mentality toward art, and why I make it.

Vehicle Wrap Installation – Tips, Tricks, and Tactics to Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

Unless you’re into cars, or have a very unique job, you probably don’t know too much about vehicle wraps or vehicle wrap installation. However, since you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume you want to fix that.

Using Color To Evoke Emotion

The color spectrum was discovered in 1666 when Sir Isaac Newton passed pure white light through a prism, realizing it separates into all visible colors. Most of today’s artists and designers know that yellow and blue make green and what constitutes a warm color or a cool color, but I’ve found that very few of them know or respect the psychology of green or how warm colors make the viewer feel.

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