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Young Children Painting Classes

Painting classes is a program that individuals get when they choose to follow their aspiration to become a skilled painter. Southern California is what local residents’ call LA, a spot that features a wide variety of art schools and institutes available.

Winter Wonderland Backdrops – Where Can You Use Them

Winter wonderland backdrops are great for Christmas. You can use them to decorate for: (1) corporate events, (2) holiday plays and (3) holiday photos. Read this article to learn more about when and where you might see these backgrounds.

Celebrities and Contemporary Art

The concept of contemporary art basically means art that’s relatively new. In this case, most art collectors consider the period from the 1960’s until now to be contemporary art, which would include people like Andy Warhol, Mark Titchner and Tim Hawkinson, but some will include earlier pieces from the 1930’s through the present as well. Usually newer art doesn’t get as much attention as what came centuries earlier, but these days not only is it getting great attention, it’s worth a lot.

Whaam Prints by Roy Lichtenstein

Whaam is a series of prints from Roy Lichtenstein which includes a pilot launching missiles which explode at the other side of the print. Since its creation, Whaam has become available as both the original two-panel version and also as two cropped versions of the left and right hand sides on their own. Whaam is an exciting work with great movement and includes Lichtenstein’s typical method of contemporary colours and boldness to create cartoon-like paintings that attract a certain crowd of art fans who prefer this approach to other more traditional artists.

Why Canvas Art Is So Popular

Why has canvas art gained in popularity over the past few years? Because of the advancements in technology all the way around. Canvas art has seen a vast increase in popularity over the past few years which has seen an improvement in the quality of canvas art which can now be found online therefore doing away with unreasonable gallery prices.

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