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Canvas Printing For Offices

When you want to refresh the interior of an office opt for different styles of canvas printing options. Panoramic canvas pieces and canvas pop art will be appreciated by the staff as well as management.

Becoming a Freelance Web and Graphic Designer

Ever considered becoming a Freelancer? Find out the best tips now!

Architectural Visualisation – From Micro To Mega-Structure

Architectural visualization – also known as 3D visualisation, CGI, and renderings among other terms – not to mention derivatives using the Anglicised spelling “visualisation” – has long been recognised as the tool of choice for architects and has also propagated into the repertoire of developers who utilise it in their property marketing material to sell clients the aspirational lifestyle of their projects. However, any presumption that visualisation is or can only be used for projects of vast scope and scale should immediately be rejected – this is a discipline which offers value to any project regardless of size….

Screen Printing Supplies: How to Get the Most Out of Your Supplies

Having the right screen printing supplies and knowing how to use them can have a significant impact on your product quality and bottom line. Here are three quick tips for getting the most out of your screen printing supplies.

Can We Judge a Human’s Intelligence By the Type of Downloaded Images on Their Computer?

The other day, I was waiting for my Frappachino at the Starbucks pickup counter, and there was a girl in the corner who was talking to her friend, and her laptop was displaying her screensaver full of a gallery of pictures she had collected. Having nothing better to do, I began watching as every 4 to 5 seconds a new picture would come on the screen. The pictures were very cool, and they were designs, pictures of various things, mixed with family photos, and cool vacation pictures.

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