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Picture Perfect: Essential Skills For Graphic Designers

What are all of the skills involved in a graphic design career? Attending a graphic design college will teach you all you need to know and more!

Gauguin’s Most Intriguing Work

I’ve always loved the work of Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin. As a post-impressionist artist he sought to distinguish his work from the popular art movement of his predecessors, but an examination of his life experiences also reveals much about the direction his work took. For instance, as a child he lived several years in Peru. This culture was to greatly influence his art and his later life decisions.

Interview With Kasumi: Visual Artist And Guggenheim Fellow

What I try to accomplish is, on one level, to mimic human perception: I try to imagine the complex processes of the human brain, synthesizing different methods of expression into a metaphorical language that not only resembles the stream of messages and subconscious connections making up human perception, but also examines the stream’s causes and effects. I do this by taking apart a subject down to the smallest fragments of ideation and structure – breaking, whittling, melting, chopping… and then gluing these bits of our common culture back together in new formations, using logic and craziness in roughly equal proportions.

Graffiti 101: A Basic Overview

Graffiti is mostly seen as a pastime of misplaced youth and vandals or wrongly associated with violent gangs. But for many others graffiti is a form of art, an expression of creativity and a major inspiration driver in life. While most of the general public goes about their day-to-day life commuting to work in an often dull and meaningless manner, they often miss the beauty of art in the form of graffiti that surrounds them in their urban streets.

Graphic Tips for an Editor’s Digital Portfolio

Now that most people have switched to the cyber highway, emailing a digital portfolio makes perfect sense. Even the print media and art galleries have gone electronic with the changing times.

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