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Video Greeting Cards for All Occasions

It is transcendence of human nature that we have come to an age where we can send video greeting cards to our friends and family during festivals and other occasions like birthday and marriage anniversary. Standard greeting cards are those that are printed on high-quality paper and are rectangular in shape. Inside is a pre-printed message that suits the occasion.

The Evolution of Glass Sculptures – From Furlan to Chihuly

There are some artists that come to the art world and nothing is the same ever again. When Murano glass makers Mamaracio Gino Forte and Flavio Poli started playing with solid mass of partially plastic glass and came up with the new glass technique called “massello’, Murano glass traditionalists were up in arms.

The Art OF Classic Spyglasses

Perched on the far bow of the ship, a sailor stands at the ready. He pulls out a tool and looks at things far away with it. On the open ocean that seems to go for endless miles, this was a highly useful item.

How to Draw, Negative Space and Shading to Show Form and Depth

This article has a close look at the not often consider aspect of negative space when drawing. Also a look at the role of shading to show form in your drawing.

Designing Logos: Do You Make These Mistakes?

Designing a logo for a client may seem simple but is, in fact, a daunting task that requires the patience and skill of an experienced designer. A logo’s function is to represent a client’s brand(s) or identity.

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