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How to Draw a Peacock

Peacock is a male bird largely common to South Asia. They are magnificently beautiful birds and are known for the rain dance fanning their tail.

Villa Pisani – An Italian National Museum

Villa Pisani is an old aristocratic villa and said to be the grandest one in the Riviera del Brenta. It is located in Northern Italy, at Stra, a commune in the province of Venice in the region of Veneto. The construction started during the first part of the 18th century as commissioned by doge (duke in English) Alvise Pisani, the most renowned member of a noble Venetian family.

Vehicle Wrapping – What Is It, and What Can It Do for You?

Vehicle wrapping is a type of advertisement where a company can choose to have it’s fleet of vehicles, vans or trucks, covered in images and logos. Previously, this was done by hand using paint, but new technology has seen the development of large sheets of printed material that are easy to adhere and remove from the vehicle.

What Is Screen Printing?

Silk-screen printing is one of the oldest but yet the most versatile methods of printing available. With this versatility it is possible to print onto a multitude of different materials such as paper, board, self adhesive vinyls, plastics, metal panels, wood, glass, perspex, corrugated products and textiles, not only onto flat sheets but directly onto many different shaped objects.

Just How Simple Can a Portrait Be?

Some artist’s portraits take the face down to its basic elements and this got us thinking. Just how simple can a portrait actually be before one stops recognizing the person – in fact, how is it that we recognize faces at all? Three recent papers on the subject have revealed some very interesting discoveries.

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