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Why Miss Wakerlys Wallpaper Designs Never Fail to Excite

Miss E Wakerly is making quite a name for herself and it’s not difficult to see why given her clear talent and eye for the sublime. Here I take a look at what is making the young London designer such a hot topic of conversation in design circles.

Chiaroscuro – A Dark and Light Blend

To trace the history, in 5th century BC, ‘Shadow-Painting’ was evidenced in Greece. The art form managed to survive through the Byzantine Empire (4th century-1453). Finally, Chiaroscuro emerged during the Renaissance Era (14th-16th centuries) in Italy and Flanders. Here, the artists used colored paper and pastel colors.

Broken Color – The New Style of Impressionist Art

In Broken Color Painting, one or more shades of paints are applied in broken layers to impart an interesting look to a surface. Mostly used for interior walls, this technique yields a painted background with different colors applied on it in a variety of ways. The aim is to create a ‘patchwork’ effect instead of a smooth blend. It creates a ‘sensation of light’ by rendering the facets of surface illumination for an appealing visual effect.

Altarpiece – The Religious Icons of Basilicas

Its centre shows Christ, Mary, or a Saint, while the sidepieces carry their life history background. An Altarpiece is made up of two or more panels adorned with panel painting. Panel painting refers to the artistry done on the panels made of a single or a number of wood pieces.

The “Right” Demo Reel – Myth Or Reality?

Lately, I read a lot of articles in the Internet and the magazines about the “right” Demo reel of a 3D artist. And although I agree with most of the rules that all these authors wrote in these articles, there are some points that make me wonder.

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