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Drawing: A Review of How to Begin and How to Get Better

Drawing can be viewed as putting lines, shapes, values, and textures on a surface. Learning to draw as a skill is like learning to write and most of us remember that struggle. This article discusses drawing as both an art form and as a way to learn to see like an artist sees.

Charcoal: A Story of Its History and Use by Artists for Over 26,000 Years

A review of charcoal forms for the artist and how it may have come to be a tool for artists some 26,000 years ago. The story begins with a caveman frustrated from an unsuccessful hunt.

Graphite: A Review of This Versatile Drawing Medium

You may remember, back in the day, many of us learned to write cursive with a No. 2 pencil. You may have started with a fat, six-sided pencil because in early elementary school, it was easier for small hands to grasp and control. Today, in many better quality art supply stores, you can find modern versions of those fat, hexagonal pencils made with cores of graphite in various degrees of hardness and softness. Let’s review pencils and the many forms of graphite available to today’s artists.

Acrylic Face Mounting: How It Can Transform Your Picture Into Something Extraordinary

When you take a gander at a photo in the gallery displays, do you ever see the mounts? Possibly not intentionally, but rather you’re review experience is altogether nuanced by the way of presentation. This is the reason a lot of exertion and cost goes into planning photos for a showcase on mounts. Photos in the renowned galleries across the world are typically exhibited by the general population mounted in mats and surrounded by the wall behind Plexiglas glazing. This is the same for papers and prints as well but with certain variations.

6 Common Mistakes Amateur Designers Make That Can Prove to Be Disastrous

With the importance of the web these days and with more eyes watching over, it’s imperative for businesses to portray their messages in a unique and innovative way. Gone are the days when companies could only depend on their products and services to draw sales. These days marketing is just as important as other factors. Logos, for instance, are an integral part of any business, and it requires an equal amount of attention.

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