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Van Gogh Paintings: The Sower

This article provides a critical view of Van Gogh’s Painting, ‘The Sower’. Painted 2 years before his death, The Sower is a painting showing Van Gogh’s mix of reality and fantasy.

How to Make a Wood Picture Frame

So, you have some nice looking pictures that you wish to frame but you’re not sure how to go about doing it. Sure, there are a lot of picture frames on the market at the moment, but finding the perfect one can be difficult at times.

Graffiti Art and Finding Good Graffiti Supplies

Graffiti art is a form of art originated since 1960s and still developing up to present. However, it is not accepted as being art similar to those arts that can be found in the museum due to its location and illegal presentation. But the presentation and location is not enough to disqualify graffiti as an art.

The Excellence Of Manipulated Metal Art

The art form of an object by the manipulation of metal art is quite amazing to view as an observer of fine sculptured materials. The fascinating fact is the configuring and bending of a solid material as metal into several shapes and angles. This shaping of soft and hard types of metals is possible by using a great deal of imagination and artistic skills.

Portrait Artists Using Acrylic Paints

When one says “portrait artist” people assume oil paintings by the great masters and other renowned artists. Portraits can be created with the new acrylic paints which are water base rather than oil. Portrait artists using acrylic paints which are available in this century can capture the same depth with acrylic paints.

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