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YouTube and Other Cool Greeting Ideas

It is the time of the internet and what better way to greet someone can there be than to create videos on YouTube? If it’s someone’s birthday you can showcase a video of the highlights of the year or of a birthday party with a video.

Why Do We Still Use the Cross-Hatching Technique?

The technique of ‘Hatching’ was first seen in the middle ages and further developed into ‘Cross-Hatching’ in the fifteenth century, but this technique has never diminished in popularity and still remains a popular way of creating form and tonal shading in many different aspects of art today. Why do we still hold so much respect for this process?

Cool Xmas Greetings That You Can Prepare in April or May

It may seem far too early to think about ways to celebrate the holiday season, but there are some things that you can prepare now while the Christmas rush is over. To start you on your quest for the perfect Xmas greetings, let’s think about various things you would want to do.

Buying a Birthday Card for a Teenager

When a child becomes a teenager it becomes harder to shop for them. It’s often not enough to just buy a cake and a full party may just be a little too much, when all they really want to do is to relax with friends or be spoiled for an evening.

5 Easy Steps To Build Your First Greeting Card

Start building your own greeting cards handmade with these 5 beginner steps. Get the knowledge to start creating for yourself.

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